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Character Interview Bonus for
The Pirate King's Thief Release

(Includes Lina and Zavi from The Pirate King's Thief as well as Lysanael and Revna from The Fae King's Assassin)


Lys: Alisha says we are to talk to one another. It’s something to do with a book launch, not that I will pretend to know what that is. It does seem like an event that would demand wine.


Revna: (takes crystal goblet from Lys and drinks a healthy swallow) Lina, tell us about you. What is your favorite weapon?


Lina: (frowns) Well, I’m not really a weapons type, per se, but I do like shiny daggers.


Revna: Not a weapons type… But you (DELETED TO AVOID SPOILERS)


Lina: (shrugs) True. 


Zavi: (leans in and grins) Her clever mouth is more deadly than any weapon.


Revna: I like the sentiment. (whispers to Lys) Can we invite them to the vineyard winter festival?


Lys: As you wish, my queen. As long as you don’t dance too long with the pirate. I don’t trust him. 


Revna: He’s half Fae. I’d have thought you felt a kinship.


Lys: You’ve met enough of my blood to know it would be a mistake to trust any of them.


Revna: (chuckles) Yes, well, that’s why I keep a dragon around. (turns and cups a hand at her mouth) Arkyn!


Arkyn the dragon: (trots up, black wings partially extended)


Lina and Zavi take a quick step back. 


Lina: Whoa, he’s bigger than the dragons I’m used to. (she takes Emerald from her pocket and the tiny dragon lifts into the air)


Arkyn: (sniffs at Emerald) 


Zavi: (looks to Revna) Any chance you’d give us a ride? 


Revna: That’s up to Arkyn. What do you say, you blueberry-addicted fool?


Arkyn: (eyes Zavi)


Zavi: (removes pirate scarf from head and smiles) I’ll sing you a song in return?


Arkyn: (huffs and turns partially invisible)


Zavi: Oh, what we could do with that power…


Lina: (rubbing hands together and lifting eyebrows, looking at Revna) Any time you need someone to keep an eye on him, we are more than ready to help out. 


Lys: If we’re going to the vineyard party, we need to leave now. 


Revna: But I don’t think we even talked about what Alisha wanted us to.


Zavi: (laughs) Do we ever follow her plot?


Alisha: (jumps in) No, no you do not. I replotted your book four times, Zavi. FOUR. TIMES.


Lina: (pats Alisha on shoulder) Sorry about that whole twist thing. 


Alisha: It’s fine. I have cheese now and a completed book. 


Revna: (climbs onto Arkyn’s back and waves the rest to join her for the ride)


Alisha: (nibbling cheese and watching them disappear into the sunset) See you again next time, friends. Have a glass of Faewine for me!

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